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Baku, Azerbaijan
Hoping for that CLS Scholarship so I can study here over the summer!
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Spending this Thanksgiving in Paris!
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Life’s Been Taking Me For a Ride

and it’s been amazing! However, this means that I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to keeping up my tumblr in the last couple months/half year or so. I’ve decided I should resurrect this blog from the archives since it’s always been a really nice outlet for my thoughts and BOY do I have a lot of those these days.

In short, I’ve been traveling a lot, studying a lot, and living a lot these past months. They have been some of the most amazing/sad/eye-opening/remarkable times of my life so far, and I can’t wait to see what else the world has in store.

So for now

a bientôt

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These Past Couple of Months

have honestly made me so happy. I know I’ve been posting a lot of “happy” things lately. Of course these last couple of months haven’t been completely fantastic, but who’s got the time/energy/reasons to dwell on the bad things?

People have changed over these four years some call “high school”, but I think it has all been for the better. Maybe it’s because people mature more, people start reminiscing and nostalgia takes them over, or perhaps everyone gets to know each other better over the years.

Whatever the reason, there has been so much support…it’s crazy since I never thought it would be this way. All my friends came together, and I really feel like I’m loved. I love and am loved. That is one of the best feelings someone can have.

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Anonymous asked: I've been scrolling through your blog for a few minutes, and I wanted to drop something in your ask as we seem to have things in common - I too grew up in Shanghai, and I now live in a small town in the USA. I'm going back to China this summer, to 西安 with NSLI-Y. Also, congrats on Yale! I personally suggest taking the interviewer up on his not so subtle 'hint' on joining the crew team - rowing has taken over my life since I moved back, and it's great for those times when your thoughts spin.

Congrats on your NSLI-Y scholarship! Again, I apologize for not responding sooner, but you must be almost ready to leave for the trip! I’m sure it’ll be an amazing time. I’m still talking to some people I went to China with last summer-a testament to the strong friendships that were made. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

Yes, I’m actually considering doing sailing (maybe crew? that just sounds so intense though!) at Yale. Even though I only took one sailing class (because my uncle won them as a door prize and gave them to me), I’m in love with it. Either that or rock climbing, since that’s also something I love but never had much of a chance to do in high school. I’ll probably continue running in college as well. Like rowing for you, running is one of the best de-stressors for me and it puts my thoughts and ideas back into focus after a long day. It’s just my mind, body, and Earth working together. I really feel like a happier person after a great run!

Thanks for the note, and let me know how Xi’an goes!

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Anonymous asked: did you get the NSLI-Y scholarship?

Sorry, I’m not sure how long ago you wrote this! I just looked at it now, and I apologize if this is late. I got the NSLI-Y China Summer scholarship last year (2012), but did not get the China Year scholarship this year. I’m not too heartbroken as I found out I can’t take a gap year anyways because some scholarships will not let me (or this is a good way of me making myself feel better…you decide). I’ll be in China for a while this summer anyways though!

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Shoot, I’ve Been Neglecting this Blog!

A lot of stuff happened since I last posted, but I’m way too lazy to write it out and the post would be waaaayyyy to long for anyone to read/want to read.

Things are AMAZING! Loving the end of high school, and I’m truly soaking up the experience before it slips away. College is looming just around the corner, so it’s just making things seem more real.

Honestly, I’ve used writing on Tumblr as a way to try and sublimate some of the negative emotions inside of me….it kinda worked since it’s VERY distracting. Maybe it’s a good sign that I’ve stopped using it so much these past couple of months! Now I’m writing just to write and enjoy, but surfing this site much less frequently.

For you my dear reader: expect a lot more original content here. More of my own writing and art, since I’m not really surfing this place to reblog stuff anymore. I’ve been creating a lot of music/paintings/mixed media art/ science experiments lately. The particle accelerator for physics club is coming along as well! Maybe I’ll update ya’ll on all my scientific endeavors soon…

Life is good, friends are good, food is good, I can sleep in now, and I just feel great!

Peace out Tumblr, hopefully I’ll write more sometime soon or post some pictures/art/music/science or things.

’ Boxing in Vienna‘, Collage on paper by Sammy Slabbinck, 2013.